Maid for Bondage 2.0

Maid for Bondage is a toy-like "sandbox" type of game. You can play as you wish with a cute maid. Take the role of Master or Mistress of the house and explore your bondage fantasies.

"If you are looking for a good bondage game this is the one.
It is very well designed and fits it's purpose.
Lots of options, the game even has voice, alot of different ways to tie the maid up."
- Bondagefan22

"This is perfectly made for fans of simple bondage who like the tied to have some personality."
- Papersamurai

"A fun game that gets right to the point of what you want out of it. Bondage."
- Kaine Wakaba

"I come back to this game a lot, because it's worth trying out her moods."
- Ronin67
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