Keep You Warm When The Wind Blow Cold Lovers Rock Mix

Mind blowing reggae lovers rock mix Playlist: 1.ED SHEERAN - Thinking Out Loud [Reggae Remix] 2.Redman - Stuck On You 3.Akon Ft. Stephen Marley - Just A Man 4.Redman - My Number One 5.IBM - Bad Vibes 6.Deep Jahi - Through My Veins 7.Dexta Daps - Scared To Love 8.Sharee Elise - Hold T o Your Dreams 9.Dexta Daps - Scared To Love 10.Jordanne Patrice - Standing Tall 11.Lady Rudy - Your Love Is Real 12.Ryme Minista - Heart Mind & Soul 13.Volanexx - Make Me Feel 14.Kibwe Omari - The Vow 15.Jah Melody - Over You 16.Pressure - Once Again 17.Shaggy - You Lied 18.Cecile - Loyal 19.Cecile - Ruff You Up 20.Delus - Afraid To Love Again 21.General Degree - Feeling Irie 22.Romain Virgo - Star Across The Sky 23.Badd Cash - Try My Love 24.Emanuel Stain - Can't Live Without You
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