HST 206 Week 1 Pre-Columbian Perspectives

HST 206 Week 1 Pre-Columbian Perspectives

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 HST 206 Week 1 Pre-Columbian Perspectives

Resources: Internet, University Library

Write three written journal entries of 350- to 700-words each.

Cite a minimum of three research sources for each journal entry, including your textbook.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Native Perspectives Journal

You are a member of the Maya, Inca, or Aztec people. You have had recurring dreams about your country being visited by men from the East. You want to document your life and your country in the event these people arrive, so you decide to write a journal.

Select a country from the following list as the basis for the Native Perspectives Journal:












Write a journal to record:




 What your life is like


Descriptions of the country’s landscape and architecture


Information about the people: living conditions, clothing, food, traditions


Descriptions of the culture, religions, and beliefs


European Perspectives Journal

You are creating a journal similar to the Native Perspective.  You are a missionary en route to the Americas at the behest of your country. You are concerned about what this holds for you, your family, and your country. You have been imagining what you may find in this new country and its people and how this may be like your country and how it may be different. You begin writing a journal in the event something happens to you and you do not make it back.

Select a country from the following list as the basis for the European Perspectives Journal:








Write a journal to describe




 Your life in Europe


The role of the government and the church in your country.


Your country’s landscape and its architecture.


European and Native Comparison Journal

A year after you arrive in the New World, you meet a native person who gives you a copy of his or her journal (Native Perspectives Journal). He or she has captured what life was like before you arrived. You revisit your journal, read it, and write a new entry to compare your life in Europe with that of the Native people before you arrived.
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