WPArchive: Career - Premade #2

Easily upload this theme and activate it. All pages you had made and templates (using 1 2 or 3 of the first one) will remain intact. Including your menu and sidebar information!

Includes template used on JimmiSimpsonfan.com as Template #4. Also includes an additionalclasses.txt file of the classes I use on JimmiSimpsonfan.com. Does not include PSDs. Images are replaced by replacing the ones in /images folder, not by uploading via customizer. Sizes are: 585x306 (header1) 495x306 (header2). Rounded borders are automatic in css, no need to round the images. Header images can be edited upon request for no extra charge.

Introducing a new way to do 'Career Archives'. This theme includes custom fields (see image 2) that you can fill in to include all of the information needed to make an informative and detailed career archive for your sites/fansites.

Included is the theme, txt files (templates of the pages made on example), plugins, a read me file with detailed information on how to work with WPArchive.

Static Page: http://kacielizabeth.com/design/career/?wptheme=Career2
Project Tempalte #1: http://kacielizabeth.com/design/career/film-projects/2011-hysteria/?wptheme=Career2
Project Template #2: http://kacielizabeth.com/design/career/film-projects/2011-our-idiot-brother/?wptheme=Career2
Project Template #3: http://kacielizabeth.com/design/career/film-projects/2011-martha-marcy-may-marlene/?wptheme=Career2
Episode Guide TXT: http://kacielizabeth.com/design/career/hannibal/season-one-episode-guide/?wptheme=Career2

Mobile-friendly design

Widget ready sidebars

Custom fields

View counter (also option to hide it in the 'customize' section

Customize Options (color change, add header, hide PressArchive text area, hide view counter, edit footer and PressArchive title as well as slogan. Hide latest projects and show welcome message box (see screencaptures)

Custom templates.
Any other questions or concerns, contact me here on twitter or via email.
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