Oracle database

Oracle database

using the Oracle database engine, design and develop a relational database to store user information to support a large online shipping company. Information that needs to be stored includes user name, detailed mailing address, and shipping information including number of packages, weight, cost, destination, origin, and tracking information allowing users to determine where a package is, and when and who signed for the package once it arrives. Other business data should be present showing how much the shipment costs and invoicing capability to send bills to customers. Your design should be normalized and well-designed for scalability for additional customers and shipment locations.

Your design should allow for inserting, updating, selecting and deleting information
A trigger should be used to generate invoices once a customer reaches $200 in shipping costs.
An instead-of trigger should be employed to update and/or populate multi-table views.
You should include packages, indexes, views and other helpful database components that will assist you in your design.

Your scripts should work perfectly allowing the creation of all of the tables, triggers, views and other database components and provide test scripts that demonstrate the use of the system.

You do not need a GUI component but your scripts should demonstrate all of the functionality of the system.


All sql scripts and run scripts and instructions for successfully building your database and testing your database.

An ERD diagram of your database design showing primary keys, foreign keys and other constraints.

3. Well-written word document describing:
The database design
How to set up and test your database
The test data and results you used for your database,
Your approach, lessons learned, design strengths, limitations and suggestions for future improvement and alternative approaches, the most challenging aspects of developing this application.

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