The March of the Eccentrics

A satire/adventure novel written by J Rainsnow, with over 50 illustrations by Katalina Gutierrez.

"It is the 1980s, an alternative time track. The world is in dire straits: the U.S. has become a dictatorship, the U.S.S.R. has not reformed, the Third World is in flames, the earth is teetering. There is no one left to save it but for a strange band of geniuses and misfits - the Eccentrics - led by Julius Herman Abu, a mad scientist with an out-of-control libido and ideas all his own. At his side is his beautiful daughter Ellen, struggling to put him back on track, and Freddy Wells, an alienated hippie warrior and diplomat, pitting what is left of his faith against the forces of darkness."

"Deep, vibrant, controversial, idiosyncratic..."

"Not for the uptight reader... nor for the conformist... too much life for the heart that is frozen; too many ideas for the mind that is locked..."

"Comedy and adventure intertwined around a world-changing agenda..."

"Reminds one of the quote from Don Quixote: 'Too much sanity is a form of madness; the maddest of all are those who see life as it is, and not as it should be."

ISBN # 978-0-9862 122-0-8
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