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A Simple Meditation

Buddhists have realised the relaxational properties of meditation for thousands of years now. We in the West, have only known about meditation for a small number of years by comparison.

The practice of simple meditation need have no religious connotations whatsoever. In and by itself it can be a good way of relaxing the mind and the body.

So, can a simple meditation be useful to you ?

Question : Ever seen a worried Buddhist ?

The purpose of the simple meditation here, is to facilitate a peaceful mind.

Everyone is unique and therefore different, so you may find that meditation does not suit you. Those who persevere with it though, may find it to be a useful way in calming the busy 'chattering mind', and find the benefit that this audio mp3 download can bring.

This mp3 audio download lasts for approximately 15 minutes and instructs the beginner, and affords a five minute period of silence in which you may practise.

Please feel free to try it for yourself.

NOTE: Please do not listen to this mp3 audio download whilst driving, operating machinery or taking part in any activity that requires your full attention. 

I wish you well upon your chosen journey.

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