ANT.101, WK1, DS2 My Proposal to Research as a Cultural Anthropologist.docx

My Proposal to Research as a Cultural Anthropologist:

                I would
propose that research is done on success, and how to enhance the educational
experience that would help develop a well rounded individual to succeed in any
culture of choice. Are our children prepared to exercise their freedom of
choice? I do not think that they are, and I believe that there must be some
sort of effort in our schools, and homes to expose them to many other cultures
instead of forcing one on them and calling that the only means of success.

has to be looked at from all aspects of a culture from education, to economical
situations, to social status, amongst other things of value in that culture.
The perspective of the family that the child is raised in plays a factor in whether
the child is encouraged to reach a higher level of success in their own culture
or given a fair opportunity to extend beyond that cultural barrier. With the
proposed research efforts in request of a more expansive cultural experience
for children in their learning environments is a fair way to discover universal
success for the generation of the future.
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