Guide for the Application of The American Visa Step by Step Application Process.

Guide for the Application of The American Visa. Step by Step Application Process.
Revised Edition November 2014

Congratulations to the first step to definitely get American visa! American visa is the entry pass to the "strongest in the world" country, where you can see and live in person all those places that bombard us films and television. For the Yankees his country is the best in the world, but not all those who want to can go to visit. They only want to "civilized" people, that contribute to its economy and which are no longer left to live and destroy his country, degrade you race and Rob them of their jobs. Only the citizens of a select group of countries can step on American soil without visa, of which none is Latin American. Argentina and Uruguay were in this group, but were expelled because the Yankees no longer considered them "civilized" countries.

And you will tell me: "but what unjust, because they can enter our countries when you give them the win and we not to yours?". I agree completely, it is unfair, but to them is worth them a penny if the "third world" visit or not. According to them Latin Americans need the Gringos and not vice versa. His air of superiority is in its Immigration Act (Immigration and Nationality Act) is so blatant stipulated that any person applying for a tourist visa to your beautiful country presumed that he wants to stay to live and to get the visa applicants must prove the opposite! That balls of these gringos. In this guide we will see how prove otherwise this "presumption" that we want to stay to live (immigrant), work or study in the United States developing strategies that will help us to easily obtain the visa.
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