Vegan Soul Food for the Holidays-Vintage Cover

About the Book

Vegan Soul Food for the Holidays" offers 30 mouth-watering, plant-based soul food recipes along with tips on shopping and preparing vegan meals. This cookbook is ideal for the experienced vegan or vegetarian, those that are transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle or those that want to incorporate more vegetables, fruits, and grains into their diet.

Let's face it; the holidays are times of family gatherings centered around meals. It's the perfect time to enjoy meals prepared from the first cookbook in the series, Vegasm!

Regardless if you are a novice in the kitchen or you have been cooking all your life, you would surely find ease in preparing the recipes in this cookbook!

Features and Details:

Publisher Verge Publishing House

Publication Date December 11, 2017

Language English

About the Author:

Dr. Malaika Thomas, affectionately known as “Doc is a licensed general dentist, cooking enthusiast and an overall creative person. Her mission is to share her journey of transitioning to a 100% plant-based diet. Veganizing dishes has become one of her newly found passions. She does live cooking shows on preparing and shopping for vegan meals. Her movement is visible on social media as @getfitwithdoc (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube). You can follow her for updates on her progress, other recipes and cooking tips. Her witty perspective will surely inspire and motivate you beyond your wildest dreams.

Dr. Thomas lives in Dallas, Texas with her two Min Pins, Zeus and Venus. In addition to being an avid dog lover, she enjoys music, writing short stories, and all types of arts and crafts or anything that requires working with her hands. Visit her online at and
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