Episode 304: Glen Arbor, St. Ignace

"I Can See Jim from Castle Rock" Settle in, this one will take some time: When we were filming in St. Ignace, we got a call from Scott Brown. “How’d you like to go to the top of the Mackinac Bridge?” We’re not dumb. We know how rare of a question that is. So, we jumped at it. Jim, who is not afraid of heights, was up for the task. Tom and Eric would continue to shoot the episode in St. Ignace, and Jim would take a camera to the top of the bridge. Amazing views. Super Windy. Beautiful. Tom and Eric were at Castle Rock with a great view of the bridge. They looked through those twenty-five cent binoculars at the bridge, and there at the top of the south tower, they were able to see Jim, in his lovely bright orange traffic vest. Pretty cool.
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