2017-24 Johana

Mid-back long hair to very short

Johana is climbing the walls because there is her graduation next week so she must be studying for it and it seams to her as a big opportunity to change her hairstyle. Half of her head was shaved in the past and she wore a bob also so she wants short hair again. She's opted for very short hairstyle with buzzed almost shaved sides and buzzed nape. There is no little regret just a big smile when her long hair is falling on the floor even she had to make a hairdresser to shave it more. Johana is very happy with her new hair at the end and it is much better than she's expected and she is ready for a summer.


  • Hair at the beginning: Mid-back long brown straight

  • Hair at the end: Very short with buzzed nape and sides

  • Location: Salon

  • Hairdresser: Female

  • Process: Buzzing and cutting dry hair, shampoo, buzzing and cutting wet hair, drying, styling

  • Interview with model: At the beginning and at the end

  • English subtitles: https://ulozto.net/!FS2EG8KAZrRt/2017-24-johana-srt

  • Camera: Active

  • Format: Full HD 1920 x 1080, 25 fps, .mkv

  • Size: 1,53 GB

  • Runtime: 1:14:45

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