Les aventures de Polly Glot - Polly Glot va en France Book 1

Written by Suzi Bewell, well known and highly respected languages teacher and trainer.  Suzi has an indefatigable passion for the French language and has always been more than a tad disappointed not to see more real French culture in text books and learner resources.  Having bemoaned this situation for many years, she has decided to shut up and take action! 

This is the first book from the series of 12 featuring Polly Glot's adventures in the francophone world.  This book sees Polly the curious multilingual parrot travel to France and discover more about its people and culture.  Polly visits Nice, Paris, the Ardèche and many theme parks on her travels.

The book is aimed at upper KS2 pupils but would also be suitable for older learners as an aide-mémoire or simply for independent reading for pleasure.

The book includes many hyperlinks to songs and additional cultural information which can be expoloited in class via the IWB or at home should you wish to share the book with your learners.  The book can also be printed out and is attractively presented in full colour with QR codes which allow both the teacher and the learner to access French native speaker sound files along with a full English translation. 

Whatsmore, there are 2 quizzes via Quizlet and Kahoot which allow the teacher to review the learning in a fun and interactive light touch way.  There is also a final page of useful links where you can find more information about France and the French culture.

We hope you and your learners enjoy this book!
Suzi and Polly x
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