Homeschooling FAQs (Questions Every Homeschooling Parent Should Ask) - 256 Pages

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Homeschooling FAQs is the ultimate reference guide for current, curious, and hopeful parents who seek helpful information and expert advice about the challenging task of homeschooling. This book provides timely and comprehensive answers to the 101 most frequently asked questions by prospective and current homeschooling parents. Written by an experienced homeschooling instructor who regularly lectures on the topic, it provides essential information on a broad spectrum of homeschooling topics, including: making the initial decision to home school, finding the right curriculum, dealing with socialization, locating support groups, working with the school system, transitioning homeschooled students into traditional classrooms, and more. It's an invaluable resource for parents at any stage of the homeschooling process. Homeschooling FAQs not only presents parents and guardians with the opportunity to learn more about the pros and cons of homeschooling, but it also helps them understand the many different approaches to educating children in one's own home. With this comprehensive and informative guide, parents no longer will have to fear beginning this process with their own children. (256 Pages)

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