Sappy drumkit 2

Here's my second drumkit, if you liked the first one you'll love this one ! I tried to collect samples (drumloops, memphis and melodic) that weren't already used by everyone, or that you can find in every phonk kit. its a bit mroe expensive than first one but its also bigger. This kit will help you get a more phonky sounding track, but it can be used for classic trap as well (and even hip hop). Many of these sounds were used in my last EP ! it comes with : - 40+ drumloops of various styles - 38 new memphis/rap vocals (+vocals from the 1st drumkit) - 20 melodic samples to flip some phonk drums, some fx and more ! If you want to buy both kits just DM me on soundcloud and we'll work on that. I can also make custom drumkits depending what you really need (vocals, drums, samples etc...) Hope you enjoy, feel free to send me you tracks made with the kit !
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