PSY 245 Week 3 Nonexperimental Research Quiz

 PSY 245 Week 3 Nonexperimental Research Quiz

Complete the Nonexperimental Research Quiz.

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Nonexperimental Research Quiz


Answer each of the following (multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, or short-answer) according to the prompt.





Which of the following is a type of descriptive research? 




Naturalistic observation


Surveys and inventories


Tests and inventories


All of the above








If no manipulation of a variable by the researcher occurs, the research is classified as ______________________ research.






Correlational research is used to examine


cause and effect


the relationship between two variables that cannot be manipulated


outcomes of an experiment


none of the above






Which of the following is an example of an ex post facto study?


Two groups of patients that receive different treatments manipulated by the researcher


A study that watches behaviors in the classroom as they occur


Examining the socioeconomic level of a student and his or her score on a state exam


None of the above






Why is it necessary to use ex post facto studies? Provide an example of a situation where ex post facto studies is necessary.


Use the steps of developing a good questionnaire evaluate the following survey questions.





Should government do something about health care?


This question is too broad.


This question is unclear about the meaning by “something.”


This question is not specific enough.


All of the above


People often recognize the importance of gun control in the prevention of crime. What is your opinion of gun control?


This question is not specific enough.


This question is leading, suggesting the right answer.


This question is unclear.


None of the above






Should the government force you to pay higher taxes?


This question has appropriate language.


This question is not specific enough.


This question is a loaded question. It uses the emotionally charged word force.


All of the above


Do you favor life sentences for repeat offenders and stricter sentences for criminals who used guns?


This question has two questions, packing too much in.


This question is clear.


This question is specific enough.


None of the above


What is your age? Response options: 0–10; 10–20; 20–30; 30–40; 40+.


This question has mutually exclusive responses.


This question is has response options that are not mutually exclusive.


This question is not specific enough.


All of the above
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