Create a video slot machine using Visual Studio

Create a video slot machine using Visual Studio

Create a video slot machine using Visual Studio and writing all of your code in VB.

The video slot machine must look like a video slot machine.  You can use a picture that is open source or design your own

Before the video slot machine runs, the program must ask for the username so that it can be recorded for later for the high scores page

The username cannot be less than 1 character and not more than 3 characters.  If they are, the username must be entered again until it meets this criteria

The video slot machine should have 3 windows (picture reels), so that the pictures for the slot machine reside in those windows

Each Window must display a total of the same 5 pictures, to be used for calculating the winnings

Each Window must show a random picture and must use animation to make it look like the reels are spinning

You must use a total of 5 or more different winning combinations, which you can make up at your own discretion, use your imagination - for example:

Cherry – cherry – cherry (wins 800)

Apple – apple – apple (wins 400)

Cherry – apple – pear (wins 200)


The video slot machine will have two additional windows at the bottom of the reel windows


Credits will start with 2000

Each spin will cost 200, so this must be deducted from the Credits

When credits hit 0, the program ends


Based on the winnings in 2c above, those winnings get displayed in this window if won, and on the next spin, that window must be blank again unless a winning combination is won

The winnings gets added to the Credits window above

There will be three button controls that the user can select


Selecting this button spins the wheels

When this button is pressed, the credits for the spin are subtracted from the total credits window


user exits the application if the credits have not reached 0

When the program exits, a High Scores window is displayed and based on the username entered in step 1, the high scores window gets updated

Show Winning Combinations

When this button is selected, a new window will pop up with the combinations that were described in 2c and show the users those combinations so that they can know what they need to spin – This is an informational window only

High Scores Window

The high scores window keeps track of the highest totals in credits scored

The high scores will get updated with the username if the program is exited from the exit button

If the credits become 0, the high score window is not displayed

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