Super Power Cool Dude

Creative Commons By Attribution 3.0.pdfSuper Power Cool Dude - Drums.wav
Super Power Cool Dude - Synth A.wav
Super Power Cool Dude - Synth B.wav
Super Power Cool Dude - Synth C.wav
Super Power Cool Dude - Synth D.wav
Super Power Cool Dude.wav
This piece was built almost entirely with arpeggiators. What does that mean for you? Probably nothing.
But holy man! Does this sound like it is from 1983! So, pop a tape of "Flashdance" in your VCR... and then spend like 8 minutes rewinding it... because, apparently your cousin couldn't be bothered to do that. Seriously, Karen! You did the same thing when I lent you "Smokey and the Bandit II", and I didn't say anything because you had a hard week, but still managed to make the Jell-o Salad with the grapes for the family reunion... which was nice. Anyway, I'll probably just get you one of those $20 tape rewinders they have at Radio Shack for your birthday. I also enrolled you in the Battery of the Month Club. You're welcome.
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