Dzenita and Natasa Haircut

Dzenita (long hair in blue) and Natasa (shoulder length hair in red) get their hair cut in stages with Suzana as the hairdresser, and Gorana to finish the final style. In between, Suzana and the models play with the hair and presents the style. Here are the styles they went through:

- waist to midback
- midback to chin bob
- bangs
- buzzed nape angled bob
- buzzed asymmetric pixie

- undercut nape buzz
- shoulder to angled chin bob
- short bob
- buzzed asymmetric pixie

The haircut models play with their huge pile of hair after their final styles. Then, the models brush and play with Suzana's super long hair. They just had their long hair chopped off, and they are further "humiliated" with request to play with Suzana's hair.

This video is jointly partially funded by one customer for customized request, myself, and crowd-funding.

Video length: 126 min
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