DELICIOSO Blogger Media Kit Template [1-page, .docx file, instant download]


  • One Sheet Blogger Media Kit / Rate Sheet

  • Modern, Minimalist, Super Easy to Customize

  • Designed specifically for bloggers

  • Available for Instant Download

  • Microsoft Word Document (.docx)

  • Includes Graphics and Font Files

  • Free Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

The One Sheet Blogger Media Kit is specifically crafted for bloggers who want to impress brands and agencies.

This simple, modern blogger media kit can be customized to include your brand identity (text or logo), an "about" summary, your services or stats, and your contact information. There is space at the top to include a beautiful, high resolution photo and space at the bottom where you can display an media graphic to showcase the most impressive websites where you've been featured or brands that you've worked with.

After purchase, you'll get instant access to a downloadable zip folder that includes your .docx media kit template file, a pdf sample of the file, the free fonts you'll need to install and .png file templates for the graphics in the document.

Your document will be a fully-customizable MS WORD (.DOCX) FILE which can be edited at your convenience in Microsoft Word on PC or Mac.
Please note: this template may not be compatible with programs other than Microsoft Word.

To customize your template, please see my YouTube tutorial here:

How to open a .zip folder:

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