Piano, Mallet Strikes (44)

Recorded at 96KHz/24-bit stereo and available in multiple versions, this collection of sounds brings you 463 sampler-based metal mallet strikes creating five full samplers that you can map to create own samplers. As opposed to playing the piano normally, these sounds were created by striking the string with a metal mallet, creating a harsher attack. The five different samplers offer you a wide variety of durations:

Damped instantly (84 sounds; five octaves)
Damped after 1 second (97 sounds; seven octaves)
Damped after 2 seconds (97 sounds; seven octaves)
Damped after 5 seconds (88 sounds; six octaves)
Sustained fully (97 sounds; seven octaves)

This version is sampled at 44.1kHz/16-bit.
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