Kylo Ren

Here is my Printable Kylo file.

*UPDATE 2/17/16* - Files are about 3-5% too large for most people, please scale down a bit. I'll get some resized files up soon.

The helmet is not split up into small pieces, so to be printed you will have to use Meshmixer, Netfabb or other software to split the model up to fit onto your specific print bed. The mouth piece(s) are separate but can be glued in place if you do not want to motorize them like in the movie. Chrome piece is now only two pieces instead of 6.
This helmet is quite accurate and IMO more so than any free file you'll find. 
I really wanted this helmet to be easy to assemble and finish. My favorite part is having the Chrome pieces separate from the main body of the helmet. This way, you can finish the chrome ribs with your favorite metalized finish and then simply pop them in place and glue them in. No masking required! I've also sculpted in slight battle damage/dents based on the Anovos helmet more for reference guide than to be 100% accurate.  You will have to go in and do the rest of the nicks and dings. 
The front plates are designed to mate together with male/female style fitment, which then attach to the nose are of the face cage via more male/female mounts. 
I'll be updating the photos on here as i get new renders to portray the sculpted damage and reflect the final version.

As i print my own Kylo and also get feedback from those also working on this print, i may update a few things for better fitments and tolerances.
Thanks for downloading and happy printing!
Please do not mold/cast with the intention of selling casts. This file was meant to be for hobbiests and enthusiasts who want to build their own helmets and not just straight up buy a cast. there's already plenty of those out there. 
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