“Berry Brown” Scalloped Heart Paper Template CU/PU/S4H

The “Berry Brown” Scalloped Heart Paper Template includes ♥ 1 psd file with 11 layers ♥ 1 scalloped shaded outline png ♥ 1 scalloped satin ripple texture png ♥ 1 scalloped faded edges png ♥ 1 scalloped heart shading png ♥ 1 scalloped green hearts png ♥ 1 scalloped dark pink hearts png ♥ 1 scalloped pink hearts png ♥ 1 scalloped brown hearts png ♥ 1 scalloped complete hearts png ♥ 1 scalloped polka dots png ♥ scalloped 1 background png ♥ (Scalloped on all of these alludes to the fact that the shape of the png on the outer edges is scalloped.) These files were created with and tested in Photoshop Elements 10.
Because the scalloped shading/texture masks are broken up into 4 layers this template is a designers dream. You can choose the extent of shading and dimension of the paper by hiding or revealing the layers you like. Terms of Use: CU/PU/S4H. Find matching freebies here: http://scrapbookalphabet.blogspot.com/2014/02/berry-brown-freebies-directory.html
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