DOC 733 Week 5 Elevator Speech.ZIP

DOC 733 Week 5 Elevator Speech

This assignment represents an installment in the developing elevator speech series. Previously, you developed an elevator pitch (DOC/722) as well as a more robust elevator speech (DOC/732R).

Compose a written elevator speech that effectively summarizes your dissertation study. Your elevator speech should be written for a specific audience in your field and address the following:

  • The problem driving the research;

  • Why the problem is interesting for the field;

  • Why the study needs to be done;

  • The method and design being used to solve the problem (e.g., Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed followed by the design);

  • The primary skills you have developed from conducting the research (e.g., survey sampling, interviewing, or specific data analysis skills);

  • The secondary or soft skills you have developed from conducting the research (e.g., unique approach to problem solving, ability to effectively receive critical feedback, or project management); and

  • One important thing you have discovered to date regarding your study (perhaps as the hook to get you started, or it could be the way to close your presentation).

Consider the feedback you previously received as well as any changes made to your study.

Record a 3- to 5-minute video in YouSeeU™ in which you deliver your elevator speech in a professional and precise manner.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit a copy of your written speech.

Write a 175- to 350-word Weekly Reflection/Goals Report to convey your progress and/or barriers that have impacted your progress. 3)

Create a 175- to 350-word post that describes the actions you would need to pursue after completion of your degree and revise your dissertation into a manuscript for publication in collaboration with the Research Center you are affiliated with.
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