Project: SQL

This project will demonstrate that you know how to set up a mySQL database and access each of the CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) actions using a Java program.This project will allow you to demonstrate your expertise using the following SQL keywords:
  • CREATE TABLE - Create an new, empty table.
  • INSERT a new record of data into a table.
  • SELECT a specific set of data from a table.
  • UPDATE any record in a table.
  • DELETE a record from a table.
  • DROP (delete) a table.
SpecificationsFor this project you will be building a database to contain a collection of inventory items as part of an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system.1. Visualize - Design the database schema holding the data. It should include at the minimum:
  • A unique key field that is auto-incrementing.
  • Description
  • Part number
  • Quantity
  • Original cost of item
  • Selling price
This should be done using Excel to give your presentation a professional look and feel.2. Write a Java program that will allow all four CRUD operations.
  • Connect to a database.
  • Run SQL statements that do not return any data.
  • Run SQL statements that return a ResultSet with data.
  • Release any DBF resources such as ResultSets, Statements, or Connections
  • Create a new table (based on your Excel schema specifications)
  • Insert records into the table
  • Display all the data in the table for any given category (Extract this from the part number. The last two letters designate a category)
  • Update a record in the database with new data
  • Delete a record from the database
3. Use GIT to maintain a version control of your code.
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