PSY 400 Week 4 Group Influence Assignment

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PSY 400 Week 4 Group Influence Assignment
Resources: Group Influence Assignment
Read Group Influence Portfolio Assignment located on the student Web site and complete assignment as directed.
 You will be instructed to physically attend and observe a group.Social and family events, religious services, classes, court proceedings, lectures, and sporting events are not acceptable. Support groups and work meetings are the usual choices. 
 You will be nstructed to integrate your findings with evidence-based literature from journal articles, textbook, and additional scholarly sources. The literature should be about group patterns, not about the content of the meeting. 
 Note that Part I does not count toward the word count for Part II.Submissions with excessive writing errors will be returned ungraded.
 Proofread your paper. 
 Save your paper as a word document with your first and Last Name and the Week number. It should look like this
        Jane_Doe_W4 doc (or docx)
Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
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