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The Assignment 6 class creates a Tabbed Pane with two tabs, one for Account creation and one for Account transfer. and adds it as its Applet content and also sets its size.| The class Account represents an account of some bank, with its name and balance amount. Constructor to initialize all member variables. Accessors of name and amount. Mutators of name and amount| toString() method returns a string containg the name and amount of the account| The method init initializes the Applet with a Pane with two tabs| list of accounts to be used in every panel| register panel uses the list of accounts| create a tabbed pane with two tabs| Constructor initializes components and organize them using certain layouts| ButtonListener is a listener class that listens to see if the buttont "Create an account" is pushed. When the event occurs, it adds an account information from the text fields to the text. It also creates an Account object using these two information and add it to the accountList. It also does error checking.| if there is no error, add an account to account list| otherwise, show an error message| Constructor initialize each component and arrange them using certain layouts| orgranize components for transfer panel| This method refreshes the JComboBoxes with updated vector information| ButtonListener class listens to see the button "Transfer!" is pushed.A user can choose which bank account to transfer from and another account to transfer to, then choose a transfer amount and push the "Transfer" button. This should update both FROM and TO account balances and display them below the "Transfer!" button You should make use of the toString( ) method of the Account class. )
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