Still Fork Truck Type R60-55/60/70/80: 6125-6128; Kalmar ECE 50-90 Maintenance Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Maintenance Workshop Manual for Still Fork Truck Type R60-55, R60-60, R60-70, R60-80.

Original factory manuals for Still Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text

Covered models:
Kalmar ECE 50-90

Format: PDF, 454 Pages
Language: English

A Foreword
    About the maintenance manual
    Maintenance manual, purpose
    Maintenance manual, introduction
    Function group itemisation
    About machine version
    Reading instructions
    Warning information
    Important information
    Read the operator's manual/maintenance manual
    Optional equipment
    About the documentation
    Documentation sections
    Ordering documentation
B Safety
    General safety information
    Safety concerns everyone!
    A near-accident is a warning signal!
    Safety instructions
    Clothing etc
    Several mechanics on the same machine
    Work under vehicles
    Lifting heavy components
    Fire and explosion risks
    Fluid or gas under pressure
    Air pollution
    Tensioned springs
    Electric motors
    Rotating components and tools
    Tyres and rims
    Splinters from tools
C Preventive maintenance
    Preventive maintenance
    50 hour check
    Service schedule
    Complete machine
1 Engine
    1.4 Electric motor
    1.4.1 Engine
    1.4.2 Cooling drive motor
    1.4.4 Carbon brush
2 Transmission 
    2.1 Controls and instruments 
    2.1.6 Travel direction selector 
3 Power transmission
    3.2 Propeller shaft
    3.3 Drive axle
4 Brakes
    4.1 Controls and instruments
    4.1.1 Brake pedal
    4.3 Servo brake system
    4.3.10 Wheel brakes
    4.5 Parking brake system
    4.5.4 Parking brake unit
5 Steering
    5.2 Servo steering system
    5.2.6 Link arm
6 wheel suspension
    6.2 Suspension
    6.2.1 Steering axle cradle
    6.2.2 Steering spindle
    6.2.3 Wheel hub
    6.3 Tyres and rims
    6.3.1 Tyres
    6.3.2 Rim
7 Load handling
    7.2 Lift and lower
    7.2.4 Lift cylinder
    7.2.6 Mast
    7.2.7 Mast wheels
    7.2.8 Chains
    7.7 Tilt
    7.7.5 Tilt cylinder
    7.9 Securing load
    7.9.1 Lifting forks
9 Frame, body, cab and accessories
    9.2 Safety and emergency equipment
    9.5 Wiping and cleaning of windows
    9.5.1 Wiper
    9.10 Construction and suspension of cab
    9.10.2 Doors
    9.10.3 Cab substructure
    9.10.4 Cab tipping
    9.12 Frame
    9.13 Body
    9.13.4 Counterweights
10 Common hydraulics
    10.3 Tanks and accumulator
    10.3.2 Accumulator
    10.4 Pumps
    10.4.4 Pump motor
    10.6 Temperature control, cleaning and hydraulic oil
    10.6.7 Breather filter hydraulic oil tank
    10.6.8 High pressure filter/return filter
    10.6.9 Hydraulic oil
11 Common electrical
    11.3 Batteries
    11.3.1 Battery
D Error codes
E Diagrams
F Technical data
G Terminology and Index
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