PSY 305 Week 3 Workshop Presentation

{(***** 13 Slides + Speaker Notes + Graphic + APA Format + References ******)}

Imagine you are putting together a workshop for professionals in psychology. Choose two fields of psychology.(Counseling, Clinical, Sports, Health, Forensic, Industrial-Organizational, School, Addiction, Personality, Social, developmental, etc.)

Create a 9- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the workshop that includes the following:

·         Title Page

·         Purpose of the workshop

·         How this workshop will help their career

·         What the workshop consists of

Comparison of salaries at the entry level to the tenured employee level Education, skills, and knowledge required for that profession Personal benefits of working in this field Some local companies that are hiring in that profession (North Carolina) Ten-year job outlook for the career chosen Think of this as a presentation on this subfield of psychology as a career option.
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