House of Tata: Acquiring a Global Footprint

House of Tata: Acquiring a Global Footprint

Read the case study, “House of Tata: Acquiring a Global Footprint”, (see attachment link labeled Case Study). Provide your answers to each of the questions below regarding the case study and use the textbook (see attachment link labeled Textbook) to use as reference. Type your answers below each question. 

You may use the ‘House of Tata: Acquiring a Global Footprint’ Case Study or textbook chapters (see attachment links). Please be brief and concise in your answers. Answer each question posed below in each question group. Avoid unnecessary repetition of case material. Your contribution will be judged more on its quality than its quantity. 

Please answer the following questions (place your answer below each question): 

What is your assessment of the role of the TataGroupCenter in enhancing the competitiveness and the performance of the individual companies?  

What kinds of resources and capabilities has this Center been able to provide to those individual companies? 

How have individual companies in the group managed to remain competitive in their respective industry segments?  

Why did Indian Hotels, Tata Tea and Tata Steel (member companies of the Tata Group) choose to pursue international expansion at the (different) times? 

Provide a specific example of institutional considerations (refer to section 13-2a that starts on page 405 of the textbook) that one of these companies employed in their international expansion. 

Provide a second specific example of resource-based considerations (refer to section 13-2b that starts at the bottom of page 407 of the textbook) that one of these companies employed when expanding internationally.   

What different modes of entry (refer to section 10-4b on the bottom of page 320 of the textbook, section 10-4c at the bottom of page 321 of the textbook and table 10.3 on page 322 of the textbook) have the Tata Group of companies employed when expanding internationally? 

Why have they used acquisitions as their preferred mode of international entry, especially when entering into developed country markets? 

Discuss the pros and cons of Tata Motor’s bid for Ford’s Land Rover and Jaguar units as a part of its globalization efforts?

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