Reflective Learning

Final Portfolio Guidelines Spring 2015 ENG 1100 The following piece is required in the portfolio: Self-Assessment Letter of Introduction (2-3 pages, business letter format) The course theme has been “Culture, Identity, and Film.” How have the readings, films, and essays you have written addressed this theme? Which individual reading and which individual film best embody the course theme? Why? Explain. Also, explore your growth and transformation as a writer this semester. What have you learned in the course? How has your writing changed? Have you learned anything about yourself? Which assignments did you feel most comfortable with? The least? Why? What are your writing strengths? What weaknesses will you still need to work on in your future college writing? What changes have you made to the work in your portfolio? Be specific about these changes and about how they have improved your papers. How have these changes improved your work from its earlier drafts? Write to me, in letter format, using these questions as a starting point. Use this letter as a self-assessment of your progress in writing and your engagement with the course. Be detailed and thorough in examining your own progress and learning.
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