Archon Mind Parasites MP3

New Product: Dissolve Arkon Mind Parasites 3 Hour Sound Therapy MP3. What You Will Hear Is Many Different High - Mid Range And Low Tones Designed To Eliminate Arkon Implants So That They Do Not Hatch To Fruition. Once These Critters Enter The Mind Mental Fields Of Consciousness They Seek To Take Over The Host Meaning You And Eventually Replace Their Mind With Yours (Mind Swap) Their Thoughts Become Yours. They Remain In The Mind Long Enough To Complete Their Agenda Spread More Parasites To Others Then The Host Is Ultimately Destroyed The Body Form Is Void Nobody Is Home. Many Hundreds Of Various Parasites Have Many Types Of Agendas. All Agendas Assist In The New- New World Order. Listening Shall Be As Follows: Once Every 7-10 Days Due To The Length Of The MP3. If You Have To Stop Bookmark The Time And Resume Later Where You Left Off. Sound Level Is Comfortable At 9-11%. You May Do Other Tasks While Listening Accept Driving And Using Industrial Machinery. This Sound Track Does Not Contains No Binaural Waves Or Subliminal Messaging
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