For this assignment I had to select one of the crime theories indicatedto be the cause of digital crime and explain the crime theory as it relates to crime in general.  Also I will describe why the crime theory chosen could be recognized as the most relevant in terms of being a cause of digital crime.  Finally I will provide at least two examples of non-digital crimes that could be considered caused by this same crime theory.  The crime theory I chose to be the cause of digital crime is the Differential Association Theory.

Differential association is a theory of delinquent and criminalconductoriginated in the 1930s by American sociologist Edwin Sutherland (Garcia, 2014).Itsforemostnotionis that crime is an acquiredbehavior.  Anadolescentlearns criminal mannersby residing in an atmospherewhere other individualstreated illegal behavior more approvinglythan obeyingthe law.  
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