Magdalene, San Francisco Evidence

Codes and symbols in San Francisco USA, of Mary Magdalene and her children with Jesus. Research and original psychedelic art comic created by D.A. Hodgson.  6 years research and 32 full color pages of artworks and photographs of  architectural details of Victorians in Haight Ashbury, Cole Valley, and NOPA, as well as the Legion of Honor Museum, in San Francisco.

Funds from the book will be put towards a coffee table book and feature length film about the secret codes in art, architecture, streets, and people that link Haight Ashbury and San Francisco Bay Area to the Holy Grail legends. Fact or grand art we are yet to find out, but the clues have been built and maintained for centuries by generation after generation of somebody to this day. Why?

Your first set of clues are in the e-book MAGDALENE to begin your own Holy Grail in San Francisco quest.
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