The Kinshield Saga (Kindle)

All Gavin Kinshield really wants is the letter written 200 years ago by his ancestor, champion to King Arek--a letter he must earn by tracking down a thief. But when Gavin saves a woman's life, what should have been a simple task draws him face-to-face with his nightmarish past... and the truth of King Arek's demise. As he unravels the mystery surrounding King Arek's mysterious disappearance, Gavin's strongest convictions are tested by his greatest fears. He begins a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance, and along the way, discovers that making difficult choices isn't nearly as painful as accepting their consequences. The Kinshield Saga: The Complete Series contains four complete novels: Book 1: The Kinshield Legacy Book 2: The Wayfarer King Book 3: Well of the Damned Book 4: Kinshield's Redemption Also includes the prequel novella Sole Sacrifice.
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