184 : Miss Iris testing the new Pedal Vamp car

After the Panda was "gently" sent to the graveyard by our Misses, a new Pedal Vamp car arrived to the office! The one who needs to try this car is our beautiful Miss Iris!

Dressed in a total black style, with short dress and high heels sandals, she smiles while walking to the car... Which are her plans?

She have a look around the car, and her happiness is still there on her face! She tells you that the car is really nice, but she now needs to try if the engine is as good as the old Panda one!

She turns the key and as far as you can see the engine is the same old unreliable one! In fact it doesn't want to start AT ALL!

Miss Iris happiness fades away after each attempt to start the little Renault!

"What's happening? Don't you even want to let me hear your sound?" She says.

After a while, she realises that the choke was in the wrong position, and finally she manages it to start!

While doing some revving to this engine, she checks if everything is okay, while looking at you with a smiley sexy face...

"Now I can go!" So she puts the first gear, releases the handbrake and the adventure begins! She wants to test the car really hard, to see if it can meet the high standards of the Official Pedal Vamp car. Which means: high and loud revs, amazing driving back noise and fast driving!

Will the car pass the test?
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