HRM 310 Week 4 Need for Change Vision Statement

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HRM 310 Week 4 Need for Change Vision Statement
Resource: Case Study 1 Building Community at Terra Nova Consulting located on page 396 of Chapter 11 in Organizational Change OR Case Study 5 Ellen Zone - Leading Change at Tufts/NEMC located on page 448 of Chapter 11 in Organizational Change

Discuss as a team and decide by consensus which case study you will use for the Complete Change Plan assignment in Week 5.

Discuss the requirements of the Week 5 team assignment by looking ahead to see what will be required for the Complete Change Plan assignment.

Assess strategies for organizational change in the case study that your team selected.

Document and write about three different proposed strategies, and explain the basis for each strategy in 350 to 700 words total.

Then Justify which strategy is the strongest fit with the change initiative contemplated for the team's Complete Change Plan and develop a statement of no more than 350 to 525 words that addresses the need for change and vision for the change.

Use organizational change terminology consistent with what is used in your text.

Use a minimum of two peer reviewed sources, other than the Organizational Change text.

Format the assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Total assignment is 700 to 1,225 words

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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