Demonseed Redux! Issue #1, Hi-Res Edition

An all-new take on the best-selling series from MA-COMIX! Chico Del Ray is a guy down on his luck with music, money and the ladies. To make matters worse, he just found out his girlfried Rhoda is a demon succubus who wants to breed a legion of monsters with him! But Chico has one thing going for him: his best friend Deion. But even she has a secret - she's an angel!

The hi-res edition of the new webcomic is here at last! Enjoy this collected edition of Demonseed Redux! featuring a sexy new story, hot new artwork by Alessandra "Krystalvix" Roga and all the sexy goodness of the original!

25 Pages, black/white - hi-res printable edition

*Due to the digital nature of this product and the risks of piracy with its subject matter, all sales are final. Contact us if delivery issues or download errors occur.
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