BO3 Photoshop Thumbnail Template

Black Ops 3 Photoshop Thumbnail Template pack, perfect for any BO3 Youtube videos including montages, trickshotting videos, episodes, gameplays, commentaries and highlight videos.

This pack comes with 5 photoshop documents with a bullet casing styled design as well as 92 weapon renders that can be used with the template. There are 5 different color options of the template, each in their own psd so they are easier to use on older systems. The color options are Purple, Green, Blue, Red and Orange.

Features of the template

- 5 Different text variations.
- Smart object weapon layer that applies sharpening to your weapon of choice.
- Moveable pre-placed shell casings.
- Adjustable glow and border options

There is also a .wmv video file included in the pack which is a basic guide on how to customise the text and change the weapon render.

How to use

- Pick a color option
- Right click on the "weapon" layer and select "edit contents". (Layer not folder).
- In the new tab that is opens hide/delete the weapon currently there.
- Import your render of choice.
- Press cntrl + s or cmd + s on a mac (save) and close the tab.
- The render you chose will now be in the thumbnail.
- Change text
- Save as either png or jpg

Please note that the template is for photoshop and that the fonts used in the example(s) are not included.

Opening/Extracting .ZIP or .RAR Files on PC

You will need to download and install a free program called Winrar:

Once you have installed winrar simply right click on any .rar or .zip file and select "Extract to FileName/"

It will create a folder with the name of the file extracted, inside will be the files included in the pack

Opening/Extracting .ZIP or .RAR Files on Mac

There are numerous free apps that can be used to extract files on a Mac, i prefer RAR Extractor Free: which can be found in the app store

Once installed you can right click the file and select "open with" and select the recently installed app.

This will open and ask you to choose where you wish to have the file extracted to, select a location and extract. You can select the program as being the default selection so you can simply double click/open future files to extract them.

The pack and files included property of myself, the creator and owner.
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