Black & White presets for Adobe Lightroom

Black & White presets pack for Adobe Lightroom.

All you need to transform your photos to Black and White.

This package contains modded Basic B&W, high contrast, matte, desaturate and HDR presets. At this moment it contains 43 presets.

Optimized for RAW format, but also works with JPG.


Good for portraits, products, street, landscapes, fashion etc. Enjoy.

20.02.2015 - Update: + 3 presets.
11.06.2015 - Update: + 2 presets
19.06.2015 - Update: + 5 presets
13.07.2015 - Update: + 4 presets
30.08.2015 - Update: + 5 presets
07.10.2015 - Update: + 2 presets
03.06.2016 - Update: + 4 presets
16.09.2016 - Update: + 2 presets
BW Basic
BW Basic [Grain]
BW Basic II
BW Soft
BW Retro
BW High Contrast
BW Dramatic sky with vignette
BW Light
BW HDR [Light]
BW HDR [Medium]
BW HDR [Strong]
BW HDR [Light] light vignette
BW HDR [Medium] light vignette
BW HDR [Strong] light vignette
BW Grey look
BW Vintage
BW Glamour
BW Glamour Matte
BW Old photo with Grain
BW HDR Contrast
BW City
BW City Clarity & Highlights
BW City Brownie
BW Portrait
BW Portrait Light with Grain
BW Sweet memories
BW Portrait Contrast
BW Portrait Contrast with Grain
BW Portrait Matte
BW Portrait Light Matte
BW Editorial 1 Grain
BW Editorial 2
BW Editorial 3
BW Editorial 4
BW Editorial 5
BW Fade with Grain
BW HDR Portrait
BW Light Grey
BW Soft Brown
BW Soft Matte
BW Soft Matte Light
BW Noir + contrast
BW Noir + Matte
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