Application to simulate distributing furniture from Whole sale center to different stores

A Wholesale furniture distributing company in Florida is providing furniture to 4 furniture stores. Write an application to simulate distributing furniture from Whole sale center to different stores.  Concepts tested:FileChooserRead/Write filesExceptionsStacks, QueueData Element - Furniture            This class that holds the relevant information for a Furniture:  name, color, and material. Data Structures1.     Create a generic queue class called MyQueue to implement the assembly line.  MyQueue will implement the QueueInterface given you.2.     Create a generic stack class called MyStack to place the furniture on a truck.  MyStack will implement the Stack Interface given you.3.     The data structure to hold furniture at each store will be your choice.  There will be a Factory class and a Store class that extend Location.  The Factory class will implement the FactoryInterface and the Store class will implement the StoreInterface. There will be a Truck class that implements TruckInterface. Limit the size of each collection of furniture at the factory, on the truck, or at the stores to 10.  Data Manager
The furniture tracker manager will manage the factory’s assembly-line queue, the truck’s stack, and the store collections as described for the GUI Driver.  Your class, FurnitureTrackerManager, will implement the interface FurnitureTrackerManagerInterface.   GUI Driver1.     Provide a way for the user to read a set of furnitures from a file and add them to the factory’s assembly line queue.  Use the FileChooser to ask the user to select the file.  The format of each line is: Name, Color, Material       Elements of each line are separated by a comma.  There are no blank lines in the file.   2.     Initially list all furniture on the assembly line.3.     Allow the user to add furniture to the assembly line.4.     Allow the user to simulate each furniture’s completion by loading it onto the delivery truck.  The truck will load furniture in first-in, last-out order.5.     The truck will start at the factory.  Then allow the user to cause the truck to visit the stores in order and then return to the factory. 6.     When the truck is positioned at a store, allow the user to offload some of the furniture.  Since the truck is represented as a stack, the last furniture loaded will be the first one offloaded. When the truck reaches the last store, consider that it returns to the factory to allow more furniture to be loaded from the assembly line.7.     Provide three exception classes:a.     FurnitureTrackerNotInitializedException: If the furniture tracker manager is not initialized, the truck will not have an initial location, so throw this exception if the user tries to select any button before selecting the “New” button.b.     TruckLoadException – If the user attempts to load furniture when the truck is full (10 furnitures), or attempts to unload furniture when the truck is empty, throw this exception.c.     WrongLocationException – If the furniture is not at the factory when the user attempts to load furniture, or if it is not at a store when the user attempts to unload furniture, throw this exception.

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