4K Lens Flare Transitions by DOD Media

Check out these 10 unique 4K Quicktime clips, all in ProRes4444 at 60fps, to guaranty maximum flexibility and least quality loss/colour banding. The pack contains:

– 5 “Agressive Transitions” used for harsh cuts in an edit. The Flare floods the screen, allowing the clip cut to appear seamless.
– 5 “Passive Transitions” used as an overlay for longer cross-dissolves in an edit. The Flare skirts around the edge of the frame, affecting the image with light leaks and flares, while the cut between the two clips cross-dissolves.

Simply import the clips, and place them over your edit with the blending mode set to “Add” (“Linear Dodge (Add)” in Premiere Pro).

The clips are all at 60 frames per second, so if the transition is too fast for your liking, you can slow it down. If your timeline is 24p, you can slow the clip down to 40% of its original speed and still get a frame for frame readout.
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