Past Life Recall MP3

Past Life Recall 12 Minute Audio Subliminal MP3 Who Were You Where Did You Live What Was Your Occupation Journey Back In Time By Discovering Your Life Script.

Listen Until Results Are Achieved Voice Commands:

Unlock The Deep Memories From All Previous Lives Past Life Memories Are Okay To Remember Release Old Fears And Phobias You Discover Your Life Script Disconnect Old Patterns Binding You To Negative Core Issues Unlock Ancient Memory

You Clearly Read Your Akashic Records Bring To Mind Special Talents And Skills You Have Forgotten Hidden Latent Talents Are Unveiled Emotional Traumas Of The Past Are Healed My Mind Is Free To Create Success Health And A Better Life You Make Positive Changes In Your Present Life Avoid The Mistakes You Remember Making Accept The idea That Past Life Understanding Is Good Your Knowledge Of A Past Life Experience Take That Information And Use it In A Practical Manner In Order To Have Positive Results In This Life
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