MKT 421 Week 3 Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part 1

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 MKT 421 Week 3 Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part 1

Select a new product or service that will be launched by either an existing organization or one you will create. Obtain your instructor’s approval of your product before beginning this project. (Do Not Select a Service).

Complete the following assignment using the “Strategy and Positioning Analysis” template.

Develop a 2,100-word analysis explaining the following headings:




Describe the organization’s background, industry, and product. (Include SIC – Standard Industry Code)


Describe, in detail, the product based on features and benefits.


Prepare the SWOTT analysis (must include use of the template provided for SWOTT analysis) of the organization and offering.


Explain a competitive analysis of the organization and offering.


Describe your target market in detail, including information on the geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral factors used to choose your market segment.


Identify the needs that cause your target market to buy.


Create a written positioning statement that identifies: 




Your organization’s product


Your target market


How your product solves the target market’s needs


What makes your organization different from its competition




Develop a perceptual positioning map based on 4 attributes (not 2 attributes – use intructor spreadsheet template Week 2 Positional/Perceptual Map and Gap Analysis template provided in week 2)






At least four sources of research that support your analysis; at least one must be the textbook, one from the University of Phoenix library, and one piece of secondary research.


Appendix page with with the following:


›Team Member Name

›Task Assigned

›Task Completed

Issues or Concerns (use None if there is no issues)

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.
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