BUS610 Week 3 RTF Written Assignment

In this paper, I will review and give details regarding the theory behind problems that involve motivations at work and I will use motivational theories to describe actions modifying the motivation and behavior on the job. Workers today are motivated by many different intentions. Some of these causes are considered as a needed entity or as a desired. The author of the text “Organizational Behavior” determined that there are inevitable problems occurring and in a study the author further stated, “Results uncovered significant positive relationships between business-unit-level employee satisfaction and business-unit outcomes of customer satisfaction, productivity, profit, employee turnover, and accidents. It thus appears managers can positively affect a variety of important organizational outcomes, including performance, by increasing employee job satisfaction. As organizations seek to foster job satisfaction and motivate employees to contribute to goals, they often run into two motivation-related challenges: counterproductive work behavior and conflicts between work and family life” (Kinicki, pg.165, 2009).
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