#PocketStrain and #BrainStrain by @TeacherToolkit

Product Description:
"#PocketStrain and #BrainStrain = saving you time and money. A 60-slide dynamic and fresh Powerpoint presentation; a teacher resource which focuses on 5 time-saving techniques for the classroom teacher. Saving you time and focusing your thoughts and classroom strategies on marking; feedback and redrafting work; lesson planning; marking; setting homework and improving literacy. The Powerpoint includes full notes and links to document templates and further reading."

"The resource was very useful. I didn't use all the slides, but the ones I did, were perfect. I'm looking forward to the next, time-saving planning tool I can make good use of." (Adrian M.)

"I like the idea, that I could purchase - for a really reasonable amount - a great reference document - of all your best bits which I can refer to easily ...an incredible amount of work and ... what an invaluable resource for teachers." (Karen S.)

"... useful to have the key points on a resource that can be adapted for your own research / making of resources. This does exactly as it says: it helps me save time and gives me good ideas as starting points! An excellent resource and highly recommended it!" (Lyndsay A.)

Further information: http://teachertoolkit.me/resources/presentations/
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJoyc_GdCR0
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