SC Free LUTs Pack

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This is a pack of five free creative LUTs by ShadowCast Studios. We created these LUTs from color grading settings that we use in some of our productions. Feel free to use these LUTs in any of your commercial or non-commercial productions. The LUTs included in this pack are listed below. They are all .cube file formats. Check out the video above for a preview of what each LUT can do!
This is a free LUT pack, but you can include a payment if you would like to. We appreciate any support that we get and it helps us continue to provide new content in the future!

LUTs Included:
  1. Beaming.cube
  2. Foggy Memory.cube
  3. IDK.cube
  4. Masi.cube
  5. Power.cube
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Hope you enjoy the LUTs!