Kelly's Bob Haircut - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Kelly has long blond hair nearly down to her bra. In the before-the-haircut interview, she talks about her hair and how she takes care of it. Soon she takes a seat in the vintage b&w barber chair. Once the neck strip is wrapped around her neck and a blue nylon cape is covering her, the stylist, James William, brushes her hair into a ponytail and secures it with a rubber band. Flicking on the pink Oster clippers, he cuts through the thick ponytail. Kelly, noticing the shorn ponytail, says, "Wow," and she watches as James lifts the cover to the shampoo bowl for her shampoo and rinse. Afterwards, her hair is dried with a towel briefly before her hair is combed out and cut with a scissors. The fringe is created with the Fromm safety razor with guard. Once the bob haircut is formed and dried with the hair dryer, Kelly's nape is dusted off with a pink duster. Her nape is buzzed and dusted again. The shampoo lid is put back down so that Kelly can see her new look, which she says that she likes it and runs her fingers over her hair. Duration 52 minutes, size 720x480, format .wmv
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