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Features that you will get and learn:


  • Create user

  • Read users

  • Update user

  • Delete user

  • Search user

  • Users list pagination

  • Valid email format required

  • Password must be uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number and special character

  • Confirm password field

  • Password validation as you type

  • View customer order history

  • Deleting first administrator account is not allowed

  • User types: Admin and Customer

  • Interface for admin

  • Interface for customer

  • Login page

  • Log out

  • Sign up page

  • Sign up email notification with validation link

  • Edit profile of currently logged in user

  • Show name with icon of currently logged in user

  • Forgot password – system can send unique reset password link via email

  • Forgot password – user can click the unique verification link and reset his password


  • Create product

  • Read products

  • Update product

  • Delete product

  • Search product

  • Product lists with pagination

  • View inactive products

  • View products under a category

  • Product list under a category with pagination

  • Upload product images, you can select many images at once

  • View product images with thumbnails

  • Delete product image with X icon

  • Upload product PDFs , you can select many PDF files at once

  • List product PDF

  • Delete product PDF

  • View single product with related information

  • View single product with add to cart button

  • View single product with image slider

  • View single product with SEO friendly URL (.htaccess file used)

  • Rich text editor for product description when adding or editing product

  • Quantity value must be more than 1

  • Sorting by fields


  • Create variation

  • Read categories

  • Update category

  • Delete category

  • Fields include variation name, price and stock


  • Create category

  • Read categories

  • Update category

  • Delete category

  • Search category

  • Category list with pagination

  • Category search result with pagination

  • View products under a product category

  • Auto update category drop down in create or update product form

  • Auto update categories in navigation bar

  • Highlight selected category in navigation


  • Create page

  • Read pages

  • Update page

  • Delete page

  • Search page

  • Page list with pagination

  • Page search result with pagination


  • Contact form

  • Send message

  • Display other ways to contact admin

  • Display list of Messages

  • Read message

  • Delete page

  • Search messages

  • Messages list with pagination

  • Messages search result with pagination


  • Make an order

  • Auto-generated unique transaction ID

  • Add to cart button (for each item) with specified quantity

  • Cart page with list of products added to cart

  • Update quantity button for each item in cart page

  • Auto-compute subtotal in cart page

  • Auto-compute grand total in cart page

  • Remove from cart button for each item in the cart

  • Empty cart button to remove all items in the cart

  • View order history of a customer

  • View pending and completed order in separate tabs

  • Checkout page

  • Show billing information on check-out page

  • Edit billing information button on checkout page

  • Show payment information on checkout page

  • Payment via cash on delivery

  • Place order page – Thank you message

  • View list of orders

  • Pagination on list of orders

  • Latest order seen at the top of the list

  • View details of an order

  • Auto-compute order totals

  • Change status of an order (pending or completed)


  • Register user hashed password stored in the database

  • Edit user profile hashed password update in the database

  • Create user hashed password stored in the database

  • Login user with hashed password validation

  • Used PDO bindParam() to prevent SQL injection in all MySQL queries

  • Used PHP htmlspecialchars() to prevent XSS attacks


  • Object oriented programming source code

  • Bootstrap user interface

  • PDO extension used

  • Page title navigation with links

  • Radio button looks like a switch

  • Icon in all create, edit and delete buttons

  • All source code files organized by folders

  • Database configuration file in config folder

  • SQL file and READ-ME.txt in “sql” folder

  • Database design and data dictionary in “sql” folder

  • Well explained / commented source code

  • Free source code updates / new features update

  • Free support for 6 months

  • Buy once, use for unlimited number of sites

  • One-time payment, no recurring payment

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