Principles of Cost Accounting: P6-4 Big Papi Products, Inc. cans peas

Principles of Cost Accounting

P6-4 Cost of completed units and ending inventory
Big Papi Products, Inc. cans peas and uses an average cost system. For the month of November, The company showed the following:
Peas completed and canned 245,000 lbs
Peas in process at the end of November
100% complete as to peas,50% complete as to labor and overhead, 0% complete to cans 16,500 pounds
Cost Data:
Peas $.10 per/lb
Labor $.25/lb
Overhead $.15/lb
Cans $.07 per can
Each can contains 16oz, or one pound of peas
1. Calculate the cost of the completed production for November.
2. Show the detailed cost of the ending inventory for November.
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